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Design Tip Hot Plug BMS board

Dear Members. The current BMS board design has not taken in consideration all the recommendation for a Hot Plug capable design. To make your system hot-plug resistant make sure to follow the recommendations below: Change the battery connector with a ...

Errata label mismatch on AEK-POW-SPSB081

Dear community members, In the AEK-POW-SPSB081 board, the SPI pin labels (red box in the below image) are not matching the labels of the test points. The correct labels are those placed on the test points (green box).   Thank you for your contributi...


Resolved! 'SPC584B-DISP hardware files

Where can i find the pcb file or gerber file for the SPC584B-DISP, I have a short circuit on board and would like to trace and troubleshoot the board , but i need the hardware files to see where the traces goes to instead of manually looking for it .

kqtay by Associate
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How to read initialization from L9663 data using SPI?

Hello, I stareted to develop PSI5 interface with L9663. My point is to read initialization data via SPI. If I set DOUT1 as direct data output (CH1_CR1->DOUT1_SE = 0), I am able to measure received data on this pin. But if  I set this pin as interrupt...

Ondrej1 by Associate II
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Resolved! SPC5 Studio

I recently installed SPC5 studio and I'm referring to example codes. The example code is building without errors but there are problems indicating, Description Resource Path Location TypeSymbol 'NULL' could not be resolved main.c /SPC582Bxx_RLA FreeR...

jsw2000 by Associate II
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Resolved! BMS63EN Diagnostics - How to?

I had a fine working setup with BMS63 for some hours. Than cell 12 showed 0V and the fault light in the ISO SPI came up. A short measurement showed, the cell was indeed empty (I am testing with very old cells). After replacing the cell cell 12 still ...

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! BMS63EN Example does not start

I imported the SPC58EC - AEK_POW_BMS63EN_SOC_Estimation_Single application, configured like described in UM3185. (Side note: The Board View may also view that the ISO SPI needs a Powersupply... So I wonder the Generic pins table..shall I do something...

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! Comparison between STM32 series and SPC series.

1. We want to control an automotive PMSM( 3 Phase) with RPM 9000 ( either sensor or sensorless-based and with FOC) for automotive. Can you guys suggest the best MCU?.We have done some research but we can't figure out the best one with the right clock...

HNanj.2 by Associate
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