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Include a library

Associate III

Hi. I have seen several tutorials and read in the forum how to include a library. But it does not work. Can someone help me please.




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Hello @Giuseppe1 

Can you take a look at the following article and this post. It may be helpful.

Best Regards.


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Principal III


maybe error msg is right ? There is no such file... 

So you have to "import" it : right click on the directory, you want it to be ->


next -> browse the source , select what want - ready.

This for every source .c or .h (or group of ..) , then the IDE got it.


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I created a new folder with the library(.h). Then i imported it : Project->Properties->MCU GCC linker->libraries. but it doesn't work.

A header file is not a library - it just defines the interface to the library.

So, in addition to that header, you will also need the library code itself - either as a pre-built binary, or as source code.

  • You use Project->Properties->MCU GCC linker->libraries to specify a pre-built binary library - see the links posted by @STTwo-32 
  • If it's a source code library, you add all the source to your project, so  that it gets built as part of your project.


This is the file. It's a source code?

It is "source code" in that it is used as input to the compiler. It's not a binary file.

But, again, it's just a header file - as it says, it only contains prototypes - not the functions themselves:



 * @brief   This file contains all the functions prototypes for the
 *          lsm6dso_reg.c driver.



You also need something which contains the actual implementations of those functions - either as source code, or a pre-built binary.

I suggest you look at the X-CUBE-MEMS1 and/or C-Driver-MEMS software packs:





For a better understanding of the difference between declarations and definitions, and how data & functions can be defined in one file, but used in another, see: 

I installed the driver file, now how do you import it?

You'll also have to study the Pack's documentation on how to use it ...