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DS13565 Rev 2 says under 3.20: "The embedded USB controller cannot be used on STM32G0B0KE as this device does not provide an HSE oscillator input.". Well, sounds reasonable. But same DS says in Table 11 for Pin 2 (LQFP32) PC14: "OSC32_IN, OSC_IN" whe...
RM0444 rev. 5, sec. 29.3.4 and RM0490 rev. 3, sec. 21.3.4 both employ only WDGTB[1:0], but WWDG_CFR description mentions WDGTB[2:0] with eight different prescaler settings. So actually two or three bits?
What's the difference between "LQFP32" and "LQFP 32 7x7x1.4mm"? Probably they both refer to the very same package?. A similar discrepancy appears for a lot of other packages, too. (For WLCSP it's a different matter.)
The zip-archive is apparently broken: "inflating:  bad CRC dd12447e (should be c287de8a)"
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