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I installed CubeCLT on WSL (Ubuntu 22.04.3). All good, but I miss ST-Link drivers.


As per title. I can build the SW but when I try to flash with CubeProgrammer my Nucleo f446re I get the error that no probe is detected. I am pretty sure that I am missing ST-LINK drivers. I made a search on the community forum and all I could have is this 2010 post ending that some development is underway. 

As it is 2024, what is the outcome? How can I install st-link drivers for my Linux distribution?

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Redirect USB device from Windows host to WSL:

I did this some time ago, not trivial but seems to work. But then switched back to native Windows, because it's just easier ))

Thanks! In-fact, I had the feeling (not only for embedded systems work) that working natively on Windows is way better than working on wsl. But you know, we are nerdy people, we like to explore 🙂