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I can't install STM32CubeMX on Mac with M2 core


0693W00000aJLmcQAG.pngWhen I try to install the application, it opens and closes and does not give any errors. I read the readme.html file but the ones there did not work. Can you give some information about how I should install it?

Associate III

Hi, try to launch the app using the command line, perhaps by running "./" in that directory? It might provide some debugging information.

Associate II

You need to

a) Install Java. There was a "java" already on the system, but the installer complains that it doesn't find a JRE. I took Java 8 JRE.
b) Try to start the STM installer twice. The second time, it will allow you to override. Still, nothing will happen.

c) Now, under System settings / Gatekeeper, there should be "java" mentioned as having been blocked (because it came from the Internets too). Allow it.

d) Now, when you try to start the installer a third time, it should work.


By running from the command line, you are not getting the option to override the "unsigned software" error dialog