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Ethernet not working in MII mode when configured with STM32CubeMX 6.4 for STM32F427.


I have a custom-designed STM32F427 board that works with the code generated with STM32Cube V1.0 (Version 4.14.0). The design was based on an ST's STM32F427 eval board that supports ethernet MII configuration with DP83848 PHY chip. The ethernet works correctly under FreeRTOS+LWIP options.

To try Azure RTOS for my new project with the same board, I have installed STM32Cube 6.4 and the necessary libraries for the STM32F4xx processor. So far, all the porting works when using ThreadX, FileX, and UsbX.

When trying to enable the ethernet (NetX) for MII mode, I encountered a problem in that the DHCP client was unable to obtain an IP address from my router. I search through all the NX (NetX) examples from STM32Cube 6.4 and 6.5 but was unable to find one that uses MII mode. In this design, we are using DP83848 PHY chip.

When selecting MII mode in "ETH Mode and Configuration" window, it displays "DP83848_PHY_ADDRESS". under PHY option. But in the "Network Interface->Ethernet Phy Interface" under "Software Pack Component Selector" window, there is no option to select DP83848. The only chip available is LAN8742A. I don't know if anyone encounter the same problem and already has a solution. Will appreciate all the help.



Accepted Solutions
Chief II

You are right, need a small change to "FreeRTOS+LWIP options" firmware package to make it work in my app.


@Piranha​ and @KKang.3​ , did you ever get a working version of ThreadX with NetX working for the DP83848? I don't see any support for it under ThreadX and it looks like I will have to write a driver from scratch for it to work with TbreadX, but am cautious to take on that work if overall networking is flawed in STM's implementation of ThreadX. Do you have a working driver for the DP83848?