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CubeMX Forcing FreeRTOS to be included on STM32H7

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This is really a CubeMX problem but didn't see a better forum to post to. I am trying to create a bare metal project with CubeMX for the STM32H7. I click File->New Project..., then select STM32H745/755 under the Line drop down on the MCU/MPU Selector tab. I select the STM32H745XI line in the right hand pane. Then click Start Project. The resultant ioc is attached. Under the Middleware drop down in CubeMx, there are a bunch of items selected with gray boxes and CubeMx tells me I can not disable them because they are being 'Forced' for the peripheral. The main item that is a problem is the FreeRtos line item- I would like a bare metal project.

Can someone explain this to me?

Thanks for you help.


They are not enabled, they are just assigned to a core. They will not appear in the generated code unless enabled. The checkboxes are there for you to assign peripherals to a core, but some are locked to a specific core which is what you're seeing.

The green checkmark is shown for things that are enabled.


FATFS and FreeRTOS are not enabled:


CubeMX doesn't generate bare metal projects, but you can strip out the parts of it that you don't want from the generated code, if you want.

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