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Breakpoint problem if I into a task and unable to prinf to the console

Associate II


I start on STM32F107RC microcontroller.

I installed SMD32CubeIDE v1.11.2.

I created a new project with this µC, and I'm using FreeRtos.

Bellow some basics configurations:


I'm using as JTAG probe the PEMicro Multilink FX

I installed requiered plugins:


I created the launch configuration:

0693W00000YA91TQAT.png0693W00000YA91iQAD.pngThen I start the program. The first break is done into the "main()" like indicated into the laungh configuration.

I can debug step by step (F5, F6...). I can set breakpoint to the main core function

If I place a breakpoint into the main function, the debug stop on this breakpoint and I can resume the debug...

BUT as soon as the osKernelStart() is called, If I click on "Suspend" to make a pause, all is ok, the soft stop on the "IDLE" task, I can resume (F8) debug step by step (F6) etc...

Now, I try to place a breakpoint into a function called from a created task (GpioTask in my case). I get error.

Sometime when I place the breakpoint, sometime, It break on the placed breakpoint, but I can't resume the code (F8) or debug step by step (F5, F6). I can't do anything.

I must stop the session and restart. :(


The second problem is if I add a "printf" code into the main() function (or any other code place), no data is printed to the console.

I see this error message:

0693W00000YA96PQAT.pngHow make work the printf to the console? (for debug purpose)

Thank for your help.