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STM32 Cube IDE - Blank CubeMX perspective

I imported a project (from Atollic) and am able to build/debug.

However, clicking on the "MX" perspective icon gives a completely blank screen (image below). Sometimes it shows files from the C/C++ perspective. But I can't find CubeMX.

What's going on?


Best Regards, Dave


ST Employee

An imported project doesn't get the .ioc file as they're only in originally created STM32 projects (File -> New -> STM32 Project). If I import a project I don't get the blank space, though. I see the same file I had in the C/C++ perspective although the Build Analyzer and Console views etc goes away.

The project's .ioc file is in the imported project at the top level.

If I go back to C/C++ perspective and double-click on the .ioc,

it does convert to 5.2 and correctly open the CubeMX perspective.

When I generated code, it deleted all my existing code

from src and deleted code I added under middleware

(for example the current version of LwIP with corrections).

This is really not good!

A blank CubeMX perspective without anything seems like a bug.

It continues to show C++ source files - but no CubeMX panels.

It seems to be quite lost if opened from the perspective button

prior doing the above steps.


Best Regards, Dave

I thought you meant a TrueSTUDIO generated project but you mean a project generated by stand-alone CubeMX generated for TrueSTUDIO and later imported into CubeIDE, right?

If so then yes, that is a bug and it's listed under the known issues of the release notes as:

"Importing the ioc file created by stand-alone STM32CubeMX is not supported."

Seriously? You released a version that cannot import from the current version?

I had to use the stand-alone with Atollic because ST failed to release the latest CubeMX as a plug-in, but only a stand-alone!

I submitted a ticket about missing plug-in, and I received a completely inane response with no answer as to where the plug-in could be found!

@Markus GIRDLAND​ - some of us have to get actual work done! This is really not acceptable quality!


Best Regards, Dave

Tom Moulton
Associate II

Yes this is a BIG problem!

There seems to be a constant tug of war between generated code and User Code.

I wonder if a viable long term solution would be to have the generated code generate a dependent project that builds a library (like ProjectName.a) and then the user project has their own code and references ProJectName.a

The User code would also provide DefaultTask

Basically the ProJectName.a is the BSP and Middleware

Just a thought...


Associate II

Has anything happened regarding the correction of this bug?

In the meantime, I manage to open the .ioc file as "Open with -> Other... -> External programs, and select any version of CubeMX that corresponds to your original .ioc file. And no "Generate file", only "Save".

It works for me !