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Audio file Input for DSP on STM32f4


Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project involving digital signal processing (DSP) using the STM32f401 microcontroller. My goal is to integrate external audio, specifically audio recorded in '.wav' format, into my program. I've successfully incorporated microphone audio into my program, but I'm facing challenges when it comes to integrating the external '.wav' audio into the code.

Thank you in advance for your reply


What's your proposed storage media for this?

SDIO with an SDCARD and FATFS provides for a f_open(), f_read() type equivalents to STDIO fopen(), fread(), etc.

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Thank you for the reply and sorry for my late reply. I am kinda new to the stm32 microcontroller, It would be nice if you could clarify by SDCARD what you mean. How can I actually check for that, I think stm32 doesn't have SDcard compatibility, especially the one I am using (stm32f401).