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Asking about STM32cubeide optimization

Associate II

I was building some code to display graph on an lcd, and since I would gather data from serial input, I need it to be real time, then before enabling optimization I had got sure that I can receive and parse data really fast, but the display stage is not really efficient. Then I enabled level optimization by which I mean -O1. Following this change I saw a really significant performance improvement of display. Now my question is what is really happening in compilation when enabling this feature, how changing the c code to assembly code change, is it review the code to optimize or the code it generate for each operation would become lesser than the normal mode without optimization.


Optimizer is a part of the compiler and these ARM cpus are designed to work with a compiler, that generates code which really uses the features of the cpu. I use most time -O2 , is best balance speed/code size .

What Optimizer settings do , read :


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