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How to interface STM32H750xB with ST-Link/V2 debugger

Associate II

I want to interface STM32H750xB with ST-Link/V2 debugger using TAG connector 
TAG-Connect™ Pin-Out
The Tag-connect provides SWD, USART and USB interfaces for debug, control, and
monitoring the MCU. Table 1 provides TAG-connect connector DBG1 pin-out details.
Pin Signal Name Description
1  VCC3                      +3.3V SOM power supply
2  NRST                      System reset
3  SWCLK/JTCK          Serial wire clock/JTAG test clock
4  SWDIO/JTMS          Serial wire data in/out//JTAG test mode select
5  USART1_TX            USART1 Transmit data
6  USART1_RX            USART1 Receive data
7  USB_FS1_VBUS      USB FS OTG port 1 VBUS input
8  USB_FS1_DM          USB FS OTG port 1 data - line
9  USB_FS1_DP           USB FS OTG port 1 data + line
10  GND                      SOM ground


You write > How to i interface STM32H750xB with ST-Link/V2 <

and then show the interface you want to use (or build a new board ?) - fine.

And whats the problem then ?

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Chief II

In normal situation required is pins 10,3,4

good is add too 2.

But as per what i know pin 3 (JTCK) is for clock And pin 4 (JTMS) for mode selection so we need other pins to transmit and receive data i.e USART1 Tx and Rx 

I have only worked on boards which have inbuilt stlink so it would automatically generate code in cube ide 

so i have no idea how to write a code for it so any references would be helpful 

Thank You

Used signals is SWCLK SWDIO and i dont understand your Q about code. Working with code is exatly same.

Connect STLinkv2 USB to PC run IDE and use it.