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How to share data between cores (CM4 and CM0Plus) with STM32WL55JC1

Associate III

Hi, I'm using the CM4 core to receive the data and store it in the SD card, once the FATFS only works on this core. Furthermore, I want to send this data via LoRa, but it only works on the other core (CM0Plus). How can I share this information between them? Any article or guidance is welcome.

Other thing that occured to me is that I can just have the same code running in both cores (only with the respective parts). For example, activate ADC for both cores and declare the same variables and pins. Is that possible? If it is, is it worth it, or it's better to share the data between them?

ST Employee

Hello @FPicc.1​,

I think you can try using inter-processor communication (IPC) API to communicate between the 2 cores, it is used to define a region of memory that can be accessed by both cores.

STM32CubeWB MCU firmware provides examples about the available IPC functions.

Also, check this AN5617 ( it is related to another product, but u can get the general information)

Hope that helps!

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