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Use W25N01GVZEIG for octaspi and Touchgfx for external loader


Hello, I want to use W25N01GVZEIG as an external loader to use it for Touch GFX and stm32h723zgt6. I used to use w25q256 before.
thank you

Andreas Bolsch
Lead II

I'm afraid this makes little sense. W25N01GVZEIG is a NAND flash, and these differ significantly from NOR flash. In particular, you would be able to use memory mapped read, as read is a two step operation (first one page is transferred to page buffer, then data is retrieved from page buffer). Futhermore address space is not linear but two dimensional.

ST Employee

Hello @mbagh.1 ,

Could you please check if this NAND memory is supported.

For that, please verify make sure that the command format line is in line with the OCTOSPI controller frame format.

Additionally, I advise you to visit ST education material - How to create an external QSPI loader MOOC.

This MOOC can help you to create an external loader.

I hope this help you!


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hello. could you solve your problem? If so help me . I asked a Question W25N01xxxIG Driver for STM32H7 - STMicroelectronics Community