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Associate III

Dear STM32U585AIIXQ Community,

I recently acquired an development board and have been attempting to establish a communication link with my computer via the USB interface. Unfortunately, my computer is not recognizing the COM port associated with the

I Checked the Device Manager (Windows): After installing the USB driver, I opened the Device Manager on my Windows computer to verify if the STM32 COM port is detected, but unfortunately, it is not appearing in the list of Ports (COM & LPT).

Despite these efforts, I am still unable to establish a connection between my and my computer. I am seeking assistance from the community to help me identify the potential causes of this issue and find a suitable solution.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem with the not being recognized as a COM port on Windows? If so, how did you resolve it? Are there any additional troubleshooting steps that I should follow to ensure successful communication between the and my computer?

Note: on windows 10 

Your guidance and expertise in this matter would be greatly appreciated


Lead II

Hello @AkaPaDa_18 

Didyou followed those steps:

  • Press the USR button.
  • While keeping the button pressed, connect the USB Type C™ cable to the PC. The board starts in the DFU mode and should be automatically recognized by the PC.

Mentioned in the UM2965.

Best regards.


Hello @Issamos 

Thank you for your quick reply.

I've already done it, in order to flash the bin file in the Currently, I'm working on predictive maintenance and I'm using NanoEdge Studio to generate Librairy AI. I do it using the tutorial (link) but when I want to start data logging by importing from SERIAL (USB), the COM is not displayed on the interface (image 1). According to the tutorial, when you open the Windows computer's Device Manager, the STM32's COM port should appear in the list of ports (COM & LPT). However, this is not the case. (image 2)

(image 1)


image 2


Best regards.

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Windows does see the board as some USB device (so USB works, cable is ok...) - but it is not a CDC class device (COM port). Try View -> Devices by container to see if the firmware exposes other USB functions. If not, then the firmware simply does not implement a CDC function. Review the firmware.

(by the way, the documentation  does not say almost anything about the USB/C, it is not shown on the schemas. Is this a NDA information?)

Hello @Pavel A. 

Thanks for your reply,

when i have done : View -> Devices by container, i obtained this (image 1). What does it mean? I don't think that is a NDA information. I know only the STWIN.BOX is a new product developed by STMicroelectronics.

Best regards.


Best regards.

image 1