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STM32F746G Disco DAC_OUT1 & DAC_OUT2 access?

Frank Singleton
Associate II
Posted on September 01, 2017 at 06:37


I have an STM32F746G-DISCO board and I am running some DAC examples. I need physical access to PA4 (DAC_OUT1) and PA5 (DAC_OUT2) so I can display them both on the oscilloscope.  The DAC example says you can access PA4 via Pin 17 on P1 (camera) connector. But that is tiny. Is there some other way I can access both DAC pins. How are people displaying both DAC channels on an oscilloscope for example if its hard to access these pins? Suggestions welcome 🙂

Cheers / Frank

#stm32f7-discovery #dac_out2 #dac_out1

Hi, did you ever get an answer for this? I have the same problem...


I also have the same problem. From what I can tell from the schematics:

PA4 is labeled as DCMI_HSYNC which is indeed routed to pin 17 of P1 the camera interface. You can access it with a ribbon cable plugged into that connector.

PA5 is  not accessible at all as it routes to CLKOUT on the USB3320C HS USB chip.