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STM32 Technical Updates are back : 2024 Newsletter 1 !

ST Employee

Dear STM32 users and developers,

This new thread is back and is dedicated for our technical developers community to share last STM32 updates, the first part will be products documentation news such as datasheets, Erratas, Applications notes  followed by specific subject's presentation(s) during the last period in a monthly basis .

The format and the content will evolve in next editions...  STM32 Technical updates - 2024 Newsletter1.png

 You can leave us your comments on this initiative on this thread    Many thanks to @Tesla DeLorean  @TDK  @waclawek.jan   !

 Any proposal is welcome for subjects you want to be addressed , Stay tuned .

Cheers, STOne-32 

Associate II

Thanks! That is very interesting, it would be great to be able to subscribe to these updates. Is that possible?

@to everyone already subbed: i'm sorry 🙂


@Tom_pm in fact you can, see the screenshot below. But keep in mind then you'd get notified about all the comments made. Just like I got one with yours 🙂




why do you think future issues will be announced in this same thread?


Lead II


I think this thread should be pinned permanently to the top of the MCU page so it can be easily found.