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The configuration:


Connected the two PCBs together via the three connectors (page 11).

Attached jumper JP7 CAN_ON on MB1440 PCB (page 18).

(STLINK-V3SET pages 17 & 23) & (NUCLEO-H723ZG page 37) & (Bootloader AN page 199) & (STM32H723 Manual page 143):

Connected the T_CAN_VCC to 5V of NUCLEO-H723ZG; tried also the 3V3, same outcome.

Connected the T_CAN_TX to the PD0 CAN1_RX pin 29 of CN9 connector of NUCLEO-H723ZG.

Connected the T_CAN_RX to the PD1 CAN1_TX pin 29 of CN9 connector of NUCLEO-H723ZG.

Reversed the PD0 and PD1, same outcome.


Connected the boot0 pin to 3V3.

Power cycled the Nucleo and verified that the bootloader is running and communicating via USB with the latest Cube Programmer.

Power cycled the Nucleo and attempted to connect via CANBus. The Nucleo does not respond. The Cube Programmer reports a connection error message (similar to this). I have attached a logic analyser to the T_CAN_TX, CAN1_RX, T_CAN_RX and PD1 CAN1_TX and I see pulses on the bus when I click the connect button on the Cube Programmer, hence the STLINK-V3SET is sending CAN messages but the Nucleo does not respond to those.

I verified via the Cube Programmer and the Nucleo on board STLINK that the Nucleo is executing code in the bootloader memory section following these guidelines from ST.

I grounded the Rx pins of the other bootloader buses SPI I2C UART so that the bootloader does not accidentally identify any other bus and lock to it (a suggestion found in one of the ST datasheets).

I cannot establish a connection between ST Bootloader in the STM32H723 and Cube Programmer via STLINK-V3SET over CANBus.

The same setup works fine for the STM32F446.

It seems like the version of the embedded bootloader in the H7 chip is running FD CANBus as opposed to the classic CANBus the examples and tools (Cube Programmer) are using. What should we use in terms of host software to communicate with the bootloader and be able to flash firmware?

I assume the Cube Programmer is using this protocol for the F series of chips:

And the H7 requires the FDCAN protocol:

Is there an equivalent to Cube Programmer PC software tool that I can use to test the embedded ST bootloader?


Hi Martin, I'm trying to program a STM32H750 over FD CAN.
If I could get that work with a PCAN dongle it would be great.

Are you willing to share your example program?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for you super useful comments here. We are struggling with the same issue. Trying to use the STM32H523 MCU CAN-FD bootloader but looks that is not going to be compatible with the STLINK etc.

Curious that you recommend the PEAK device rather than Kvaser, any reason why? Also would really appreciate access to your Windows programmer to make this all work.


Kind Regards,


Hi Shane,

Please send me, via private message, your email for the code of the example program (based on PEAK PCAN-USB FD Dongle), I'm using PEAK because there PCAN-USB FD dongle has a good price (€260) an a free "Basic-API", I don't know Kvaser, but the porting to an other API should not be to complicated.