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NUCLEO-U575ZI DAC optimal sampling rate for 40hz sine generation?

Associate III

Hello everybody! Sorry, I am a pianist and know very little about engineering, so I most probably will use a naïve terminology, please bear with me.

The thing is I use built-in 12-bit DAC in order to generate a simple sine wave. The frequency is a bout 40hz. Now, from what little I know, it seems that both the bit depth and sampling rate determine how large "gaps" between two adjacent values of the resulting sine will be. The larger the bit depth, the smaller the gap (smoother wave), the greater sampling rate - also the smoother wave. So both, the bit depth and sampling rate determine the smoothness of the resulting wave. My question is, while I cannot adjust the bit depth (let's not mention dithering at this point), I definitely can vary sampling rate. What would be the optimal oversampling ratio for generating a smooth 40hz sine? Could someone please explain the concept in a nut-shell, if possible?

Thank you!

Associate III

Thank you my friend. I know that. But since this is something i build at home for my personal experiments on myself (at least now) legal things ​shouldn't be of much concern.

ok ...

i have seen such "brain influencing circuits" , but most cmos chips (CD4093) and simple R-C filter to soften the generated square waves or pulses.

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Associate III

I want to make something a bit more advanced :)​