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MCSDK 6.3.0 is out!

ST Employee

Dear MCSDK users,

MCSDK version 6.3 is now available: Download It here.

Here are the main changes for this version:

Motor Control Features:

  • FOC
    Added C0 single shunt topology support.
  • 6Step
    This algorithm has been enhanced on MCSDK version 6.3 release and it is highly recommended to use it for 6Step projects.
    • Added Analog IOC watchdog feature.
    • Added 6Step Open loop feature.
    • Added 6Step ADC AWD filtering.
    • Changed ADC sampling cycles default value adapted to external impedance of BEMF dividers.
    • Changed BEMF analog threshold into unique percentage of the DC bus voltage setting instead of absolute voltage values for rising and falling edges.
    • Added support of F3/F4 series.


  • ST Motor Control Board Designer (STMCBD)
    This preview version of STMC Board Designer tool provides to the users the ability to describe their own motor control hardware through an easy-to-use graphical interface. This description can then be used in the ST Motor Control Workbench.
    Be careful: this version is in an alpha state thus some features are still missing, and some limitations are present. There is no guide for mapping the hardware variant signals to the MCU pins, and these signals are not filtered based on actual hardware support. The user is always responsible for connecting each feature signal to an appropriate pin, as there is no mechanism to verify correct pin assignments based on signal function and characteristics.
    STMC Board Designer Main features:
    • User-friendly GUI.
    • Creation of a board starting from existing ST boards.
    • Creation of a board from scratch with Guidelines.
    • Creation of an Inverter board by combining the existing Control and Power boards.
    • Auto Generation of the connection for Motor Control Connector in Power boards.
    • Syntactical check for MCU Pin Names.
    • Added Link to Product Folder for MCUs and ST boards.
    • Added Link to Wiki page.

Introduced boards:

  • Support of STEVAL-IHM042V1.
  • Support of STSPIN32G0601/602/251/252.
  • Support of EVSPIN32G0 inverters.

Do not hesitate to respond under this post to give us your opinion about this new version.

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Best regards.
Associate II

Hello, I have encountered a problem. Using the motor control program generated by Workbench_6.3.0, Motor Pilot_6 can communicate normally. However, when sending manually using a serial port assistant, it always replies with 0F 04 04 C0 and cannot communicate normally. This issue does not occur with the motor control program generated by Workbench_6.2.1.

[16:15:36.452]TX→◇85 FF FF BF □
[16:15:36.460]RX←◆05 C3 00 D4
[16:15:41.357]TX→◇05 C3 00 D4 □
[16:15:41.369]RX←◆05 C3 00 D4
[16:15:48.537]TX→◇06 00 00 60 □
[16:15:48.543]RX←◆F6 00 00 C0
[16:15:59.895]TX→◇49 00 00 70 10 00 28 00 □
[16:16:01.375]TX→◇49 00 00 70 10 00 28 00 □
[16:16:01.380]RX←◆0F 04 04 C0 0F 04 04 C0