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How to chose a pin compatible processor with larger RAM - STM32F756ZGT6 144-pin

Associate II

Dear all,

Apologies if this is a naïve post.

I am trying to find a processor for the product that I am working on with larger RAM and FLASH but it must remain pin compatible to minimise code changes. The current processor is this "STM32F756ZGT6". With the current application its RAM is throttling at 100% and more features are still pending to be added. Therefore, if I can find another processor with the same pinout then the problem will be resolved.

Any help would be appreciated please? 

Many thanks

Chief II


if you click pinout in Cube , then can select : list pin compatible... try:




just guessing : stm32H743ZI (most pins compatible) , 1MB ram, 2MB flash.

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Associate II

Dear AScha,

In my case it only gives me one processor. Many thanks for your reply though.



What other Series did you check box?

The 144-pin devices have the broadest pin compatibility, unless you are using a function/peripheral that doesn't map exactly.

For that F7 die I don't think there's a more RAM/FLASH option within the family.

I'd expect there's an H743 which would fit

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Associate II

Dear Tesla Delorean,

I was trying some others and found this one which seems to have the same pinout but 2M Flash and 512KB RAM.
Is this a good swap do you think?


Dear AScha,

You have provided an excellent suggestion. I will look into this further. 1M RAM is absolutely charming,
Many thanks Sir.