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Hi I m using SPI DMA on H7 series, and notice under SPIx_TX and SPIx_RX there are at least 14 DMA channels to choose from, i.e DMA1 Stream 0-7 and DMA2 0-7. Can i select these "channel"  randomly or is there a reference manual that state otherwise? Likewise i saw the same case in USART DMA too, anyone can advise?


Older STM32 have a fixed connection from peripherals to individual DMA Channel/Stream. 'H7 does have DMAMUX though, read DMAMUX chapter in RM.


ok, which RM document to check DMAMUX? i m looking at 750 reference manual but its not stated there...kindly advise thx.


For H723 - H735 it's chapter 17 in the reference manual (RM), directly after DMA chapters.

You can (almost) freely assign the DMA streams ( = channels), just check that the DMA can access the memory area (here: chapter 2: Memory and bus architecture ).

And mind that the lower channel number, the higher the priority in case of equal prio register setting.

ST Employee


There is also the AN5224 "STM32 DMAMUX: the DMA request router".


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