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X-CUBE-CLASSB support for the STM32G0 family

We are considering to use a STM32G071 part in a new product, but it will demand IEC 60730 comppliance and the this uC line is not yet supported by the X-CUBE-CLASSB package (

So I would like to know from ST if/when it will be supported, is there any forecast?

Thank you,


Uwe Bonnes
Principal III

Probably you will not get a definite answer here. Talk to your FAE.

ST Employee

Hello @Gustavo.Laureano​ ,

Please note that the certification of STM32G0 is planned to be available by the end of 19Q2, the delivery of X-CUBE-CLASSB should follow.

As said by Uwe, you need to get contact with your FAE to get a preliminary version.


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