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Facing CRC checksum issue with STM32CubeIDE, it doesn't generate automatic checksum what are the steps need to follow generate checksum and attach end of the application. Do i need do any configuration in linker file Flash.ld ? please help me.

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i am integrating STL XCUBE class-B 2.2.0 Packages with STM32L433 controller here issue with CRC test failing, what are configuration required to generate checksum attach end of application.

This patch i found in the SWSTM32 IDE linker file

 /* check sum specified by user at the end of program in flash */

 .check_sum :


 . = ALIGN(64); /* alignement must correspond to the size of tested block at FLASH run time test */

 PROVIDE( _Check_Sum = . );

 /* check sum defined by user - see user manual */



when i am adding in STM32CUBEIDE its giving the error please suggest me what could be the issue

ST Employee

Hi @NPULI.1​ ,

STM32CubeIDE doesn't support CRC calculation upon compiled code, that is why it is required to adopt specific post build mechanisms to modify the compiler output file by upend of correct CRC pre-calculated pattern.

Examples of the post build procedures integration can be found at the FW integration project examples.

Please note that the Flash memory integrity test is described in details at chapter 3.4 of the AN4434 (the STL FW user guide). Some CRC debugging options are described at chapter 5.4.1. there, too.

The firmware as well as the mentioned application note are delivered under NDA.


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Associate II

thanks for the information

Thanks for the support , this checksum i am able to generate its working fine.

integrated STL XCUBE class-B 2.2.0 Packages with STM32L433 controller here i am facing Startup RAM test issue still it not resolved

The RAM-test procedure STL_FullRamMarchC(void) of the IEC 60335 SelfTest library ends with a HardFaultException. Please provide correct assembly start up files CLASS-B V2.2.0 for STM32L433RC and help me on this.

i have checked the application note AN4435 they mentioned changes regarding 2.3.0 only, there is no much information Xcube Class-B 2.2.0

if any help it would be grateful

Best Regards,