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STM Control - Motor Pilot UART Protocol

Associate II

Dear STM32 Community,

I am reaching out to you regarding a specific inquiry about the development of a prototype that involves controlling BLDC motors using an EVSPIN32G4 demo board. Our aim is to set up a test stand where the motor speed control is commanded from a Windows PC. The control software, written in C, is intended to send the speed values to the EVSPIN32G4 demo board, similar to the functionality of your Motor Pilot Software.

Our main question concerns the communication between the PC and the demo board. Your documentation describes the "Asymmetric Serial Packet Exchange Protocol" for UART communication. Is there a library or software toolkit specifically developed for implementing this protocol in our PC software? We are looking for a solution that facilitates seamless and efficient communication between our PC-based control software and the EVSPIN32G4 demo board.

We would greatly appreciate your support in determining whether there are existing software libraries or examples that we can utilize for our application. Any help or guidance regarding the implementation of this protocol would be immensely valuable for our project.

Thank you in advance for your support and commitment to providing effective solutions for developers.

Best regards,