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STEVAL-ETH001V1 servo drive evaluation board: How to start


I am currently doing a test on the STEVAL-ETH001V1 servo drive evaluation board, where I am having problems turning on the motor. Here is the setup

1- Motor (brand : dunkermotoren, PartNo : BG 42x30)

-3phase EC motor, 8 pole , 24vdc, 3.3amp

-with encoder

2-STEVAL-ETH001V1 servo drive evaluation board

3- STSW-ETHDRV01V1 firmware package

I'm using the VS GDB for debugging, however whenever I'm trying to start the motor by executing the MC_StartMotor1();, the motor tries to move, maybe trying to homing/realign the encoder. after a few seconds of doing that (with buzzing sounds), the exception thrown

0693W00000aIGXGQA4.pngaccording to the explanation given, there are several commands that need to be executed before calling the MC_StartMotor1()

0693W00000aIGZ2QAO.pngbut none of the commands mentioned in the description has been executed in the provided firmware, so do I need to do the command execution myself? if so where should I do it?

ST Employee

Hello @Sharudin​ ,

You can refer to the UM2808 :Getting started with the STSW-ETHDRV01V1 firmware for servo drive EtherCAT solution - User manual


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Associate II

Hello Sharudin,

Did you use stm32cubeide for this. How did you customize the firmware