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Profiler Control Parameters

Associate III

I am trying to drive a 250W BLDC motor. I started profiling the motor, which looked promesing. I based a project on the motor characteristics, but haven't been able to drive the motor as well as the motor profiler did. I have used same drive frequency:

Here is the phase current when driving the motor at 2800rpm using the profiler: 
Motor Profiler 2800rpm (Play mode)Motor Profiler 2800rpm (Play mode)

Here is the phase currents when driving the motor at 2800rpm using my setup (notice the noise): 
Manual setup 2800rpm (zoom)Manual setup 2800rpm (zoom)Manual setup 2800rpmManual setup 2800rpm


Is it possible to export the FOC Control Parameters from the Motor Profiler?



The goal is to drive the motor on a STEVAL-SPIN3201 board using Hall-sensors, but I figured I would start on the IHM08M1 board and port when I have a good control setup. I have attached the MC WB project.


Motor: BLDC with Hall sensors (250W)

Motor Control WorkBench: Version: 6.2.1

Control Board: NUCLEO-F446RE

Inverter Board: IHM08M1

Algorithm: FOC Sensorless (Observer + PLL)

Control Mode: Torque/Speed Control