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Sensor Fusion Performance of LSM6DSV16X

Associate II

Hi all, 

I am trying to program my LSM6DSV16X sensor to operate with its embedded SFLP capabilities. The datasheet for the sensor describes there being three sensor fusion performance operating regions: static accuracy, low dynamic accuracy, and high dynamic accuracy. 

Is there a configuration of the LSM6DSV16X sensor that is best suited to facilitate each of the accuracy modes, specifically I am interested in the Low Dynamic Accuracy region of operation? Is there an ideal configuration to achieve this operational accuracy? Or are these more guidelines as to how the accuracy of the board will react to different speeds of motion regardless of the configuration of the board? 


Any insight on this matter is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @ZoeTakacs ,

It is difficult to answer because sensor fusion performance depends from scenario to scenario.

You can try setting a 120 Hz ODR and setting the lowest FS for the application you need.


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