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MEMS Microphones frequency response until 20 kHz



I contact you because I am considering three models of MEMS microphones for an application: MP34DT05-A, IMP34DT05 and MP34DT06J.

Inside the datasheet the frequency response is depicted until 10 kHz.

Are these microphones suitable for an application until 20 kHz? Is it possible to have information on the frequency response at this level (20 kHz)?

Many thanks.

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ST Employee

Hi @Víctor ROMERO RODRIGUEZ​ , the 3 microphone share the same MEMS membrane (difference are in the electronic part of the sensor and in the qualification procedure), so they have basically the same acoustical frequency response. I can share you a characterization frequency response on a limited number of samples and without limits, meaning that it's not guaranteed by the datasheet. You can find here below the average fr. Regards


The frequency response look highly nonlinear beyond 10kHz, which suggests the microphones are designed mainly for human speech applications.

There is the mechanical resonance frequency of the MEMS membrane. For a high-band application, a software equalization according to that frequency response is required. You can use it but you have to compensate the transfer function. The only microphone suitable for near ultrasound applications is the analog microphone MP23ABS1. Regards

Associate II

Hi @Eleon BORLINI, can help to explain what is the major difference between IMP34DT05 and IMP34DT05-A? Thanks.

Hi @STLearner , the two part numbers are basically the same device.