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Resolved! VL53L5CX LPn pin behavior/usage

I'm testing the VL53L5CX and finding that the behavior of the LPn pin differs from what is described in the datasheet. The datasheet says "Drive this pin to logic 0 to disable the I2C comms when the device is in LP mode. Drive this pin to logic 1 to ...

kwc by Associate III
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Lowering power consumption

Hi,I am currently implementing an application using VL53L1X sensor with NRF52. Our applicaiton needs to consume very low current in order to get long battery life. I am reading VL53L1X sensor data every minute. While i am not reading any VL53L1X data...

TGund by Associate
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Estmated max size of parameters

I'm referencing to STSW-IMG009 and specifically function VL53L1X_SetInterMeasurementInMs(uint32_t InterMeasMs)What would be the maximum size of the argument and the value of ClockPLL. I'm re-writing for another platform.Regards/Claes

Ckjel.1 by Associate
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[Proximity Sensor ADC with DMA Problem] I have GP2Y0A41SK0F Sharp for distance measuring sensor. the datasheet says it needs 16.5 ms with 3.7 ms tolerant. for sampling time. So I assumed I need to configure PCLK2 (I use ADC2), ADC Clock Prescaller, ...

channel sampling, then calculate those parameters until 16.5 ms found. The problem is kinda impossible to get 16.5 ms even I tried to adjust those parameter. anyone has a clue? Iam using STM32F407VGx

I get the same histogram data every time on VL53l3cx

As shown below, the first line is the distance and the rest are histogram data whci I think is same and not correct?103-4652409,-2097499426,1344930034,1327221713,525211626,33064954,-17059034,235676156,1093868795,138478570,-1947005701,2044266306,-9799...

DMehr.2 by Associate II
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