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vl53L3cx implementing in own STM32 project

Hi,I want to implement the vl53L3cx onto my own board , using CUBEIDE , HAL driver and an STM32G473CCT6 controller.I have read dozens of documents, but it's quite overwhelming and not clear which API to use.I have now implemented this API in my proje...

sde c.1 by Senior II
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Resolved! VL53L1X recommended calibration setup

Hi, i'm wondering what is the optimal distance and target reflectance for calibration process function VL53L1_PerformOffsetCalibration()?Also about Xtalk calibration process function VL53L1_PerformSingleTargetXTalkCalibration() shall be feeded with a...

SMasc.1 by Associate
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VL53L5 Motion indicator module

Hi there,I'm trying to read some motion data from VL53L5 but so far no luck. I initialize the sensor using vl53l5cx_motion_indicator_init() with default values and then read motion_indicator.motion[i] but all I get is zero values in this array despit...

SMosh.1 by Associate
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Resolved! VL53L4CX CubeIDE example compilation issue, STSW-IMG029 v1.2.8

I have downloaded and implemented VL53L4CX driver following the example code. First I opened the provided example with CubeIDE (v1.8.0) and it failed to build. Looks like a fragment of refactoring. Also a source file was missing a struct definition, ...

prtzl by Associate II
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