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Resolved! VL53L0X Assembly Soldering Problem

We have a product(PCB) in mass production as using VL53L0X.There is a problem with some of our products.We tested before sending customer. There is no problem. But, over time we have received complaints from customers. In this case, We can't communic...

fafeyto by Associate II
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VL53L4CX outdoor performance

Hi,I'm trying to use VL53L4CX sensor outdoor as people passing counter. Is there any way to extend outdoor range of the sensor or tune detection parameters? Currently i'm getting around 50-60cm in overcast conditions.Damjan

DM.16 by Associate
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Histogram generation loop - VL53L3CX

Hello Community,I do agree we don't need to write the code as API is well updated, but to understand my output properly I could really use your help on understanding bits of the histogram loop.if ((pMultiRangingData->StreamCount & 1) == 1) ---> what ...

v++ by Associate II
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Unable to get measures from VL53L4CX

Hello,I'm in doing a project to measure the distance of my car from the wall. I'm in the software development phase using an ESP32 and a VL53L4CX to measure the distance.I'm using ESPHome to develop the entire thing and due to the reason there is no ...

IHern.2 by Associate III
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VL53L4CX_SetUserROI purpose

I read that we can not set spad array size on VL53L4CX chip. What is the purpose of function VL53L4CX_SetUserROI, found in VL53L4CX driver? I tried setting two zones or two user rois but detection doesn’t change.Damjan

DM.16 by Associate
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VL53L7CX Some zones not updated fast enough

We are trying to use a VL53L7CX sensor for a people counting application, but some zones won't change fast enough after a person passes through the detection field, even after a long time like 2-3 seconds. I tried resetting the sensor after each rang...

FDehg.1 by Associate
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VL53L1CB Communication not working.

Hi,I am having an issue with the VL53L1CB TOF sensor where I cannot communicate with the sensor via I2C. I have everything configured correctly as far as I can tell but the API is returning status error -13. I am testing with a L476 nucleo and the SA...

GJohn.4 by Associate II
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Enclosure for VL53L7

Hi, Is there any documentation for recommended cover glass designs for the Time of flight sensor VL53L7 (materials, thicknesses, sizing)? Or any other documentation about housing this sensor? Thanks!

shand.1 by Associate
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JSaun.1 by Associate II
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