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Anyone using VD6283 without stmcube ?

Hi everybody, I'm trying to interface vd6283 (I own vd6283-satel breakout board) with other non-stm32 microcontrollers (esp32, samd21, ecc) .stm's library (x-cube-als) claims that "should" be easy porting on another hw's not that easy....Did...

MZ68 by Associate II
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Is there an ACTUAL datasheet for the VD6283 available?

Having been using ST sensors for decades, this is the first time I stumble onto this perplexing problem: there is no datasheet available!There is a .pdf called 'datasheet', but it only documents half the registers and them very superficially. There i...

KPalo.2 by Associate
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VD6283 Sensing problem with range?

I have been using VD6283 with STM32 and have found that they work well in detecting flicker when the light source is near the sensor. However, I have encountered an issue where the flicker is not detected when I move away from the light source.Additi...

MKash.3 by Associate
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VL53L4CD cover glas specification

I am using the VL53L4CD for my current project and I would like to add acrylic glas cover to it. I am actually using 4 of the ToF Sensors and would like to cover all of them with one glas.What type of glas can be used here, are there any known limits...

DrD00m by Associate III
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VL53L4CD using characterization GUI Tool

Hi,I purchased the P-NULCEO-53L4A1 package and am testing it to use Liquid Level Monitoring.I have downloaded STSW-IMG039 and am referencing AN5851 and STSW-IMG039-L4CD.pdf.I used the provided GUI Tool (GUILiquidLevel.exe) for Nonliearity correction....

LJinH1_0-1691033942833.png LJinH1_1-1691033948232.png LJinH1_2-1691034240182.png LJinH1_3-1691034551871.png
LJinH.1 by Associate II
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Power Cycle VL53L5CX limit

Hello,I am a committed STM32 addict and currently using the STM32F411 with nine VL53L0X's on a wheel robot project, which is working pretty well. However sometimes due to poll rate and beam angle/distance/speed small (narrow) objects are not seen unt...

Iknig.1 by Associate II
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