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Resolved! Using VL53L4CX with Jetson Nano running Ubuntu 20.4

Hello!I have never used a Jetson Nano before and am rather unfamiliar with lower level programming. I have a VL53L4CX attached to the correct Jetson nano pins and can see the device when I run i2cdetect -r -y 1 at address 0x29. My question is whats n...

nate_s by Associate II
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VL53L5CX driver implementation

I want to limpet  VL53L5CX driver so i used VL53L5CX_SimpleRanging driver for reference. so i can Enable USE_BARE_DRIVER ? and i got proper output? or you can give any example code where USE_BARE_DRIVER used , so i can use it and implement.  Also be...

want to interface vl53l5cx sensor with nordic board

i want to interface vl53l5cx sensor with nordic Nrf52840 board but in stm project there are too many register read and write so just i want few register for get the distance from tof sensor so which minimum registers i have to configure ? and initial...

Resolved! About using the VL53L8CH

I have already purchased P-NUCLEO-53L8A1 and VL53L8CH. How should I join them together and read out the histogram data. Can you provide a detailed guideline or experiment video for me? 

Jsc by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L4CX-The effect of close, highly reflective objects on SPADs

Hi,I have two questions about the SPAD:1: How does the L4CX select which part to turn off and which part to turn on when the signal is so large that the SPAD needs to be scaled down? Because i have a Lens installed on the light receiving area,  I'm w...

sctz by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L8A

Can I ask you about the VL53L8 series.Can the VL53L8 series use multiple at the same level at the same time, the number is greater than 4, will the middle affect each other, I may need to go through several 8*8 to form a larger depth map? Is the dist...

xukong by Associate II
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VL53L1X for people counting algorithm

I'm trying to use VL53L1X for counting algorithm in the link: but I'm having a problem with accuracy.Thanks to SparkFun_VL53L1X, I can set ROI centers to separate front/back zones. By measuring and analyzin...

LNGUY.1 by Associate
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