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Resolved! How to perform calibration of VL53L0X sensor?

When I place an object near the sensor, it shows the reading between 40 - 50mm. How to perform the calibration of this sensor to accumulate accurate reading from the sensor. I have attached the code that I have uploaded.  

Resolved! VL53L0X long range mode not working

Hi, I am currently actively debugging and working with the sensor and it shows correct measurement data when i set the profile to 'Long range' example (settings from the 'um2039' User manual).     however the sensor response for RangeDMaxMilliMeter:...

RBerk.1 by Associate III
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Using VL53L1X outdoors: which wavelengths interfere?

Good Morning,I am interested in using the VL53L1X sensor for my application. Before proceeding with the implementation, I would like to gather some information regarding the optical interferences that may affect the sensor's performance.Firstly, I am...

mikimat by Associate
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Resolved! VL53l1X - can I fix used number of SPAD's

I use a VL53l1X looking trough a oil layer of ca. 20 mm. When getting measured distance 3 times with GetResult(), it returns (example):Status = 0, dist = 11, Ambient = 16, Signal = 20936, #ofSpads = 6Status = 0, dist = 19, Ambient = 8, Signal = 18104...

MBaum.7 by Associate III
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Resolved! VL53L0X Mounting

Hi STM Team,We are using VL53L0CXV0DH Sensor for our Object Detection Application in Medical Field. The Sensor is working fine, but after 1 month of time the dust in the environment covers the sensor's LED part, so, the dust was affected the overall ...

rkuma.21 by Associate II
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Water level sensing with some challenges

I'm working on a project that requires liquid level sensing with a couple of complications I'm trying to address. The application is measuring levels in a vessel that is about 1.4m tall, so the ranges of interest are about 100mm to 1.5m. The target l...

Zandr by Associate
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Resolved! Using VL53L4CD with other I2C devices in the same bus

Hello folks, I am trying to adapt my product to use the new VL53L4CD sensor, replacing another SPI distance sensor that is in use.However, I only have one I2C bus available and it is already shared with other sensors and devices, such as a FRAM. The ...

FFS by Associate II
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Resolved! Cleaning TOF sensors

Can TOF sensors such as VL53L1X and VL53L5CX be cleaned with alcohol and/or cleaning wipes or be submerged in cleaning alcohol?

Resolved! Error compiling ToF sensor drivers on Linux - VL53L4CX

I am trying to compile the drivers for the ToF sensor: VL53L4CX for an embedded Linux application. I am running Ubuntu 22.04. When I try to make the drivers I get the following error:   CONFIG_STMVL53LX=m make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=$PWD ...

Frooney by Associate
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