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Resolved! Teseo-Suite activation

HelloI need to use full featured Teseo-Suite.Sending letters to remain unanswered.How could I obtain a full version of Teseo-Suite?Thanks

ASamo.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Teseo III changing baud rate and a hopefully basic question

Hello,I'm using a Teseo III module from Lantronix. When connected up, I can see NMEA sentences over UART, at 9600 baud.I have a few questions. I'm not a GPS expert, and unfortunately, the Teseo III documentation assumes quite a bit of knowledge.Quest...

sky_1 by Associate
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EVB-LIV4F USB linux driver

Hi,I would like to know if EVB-LIV4F has USB linux driver. I would like to connect EVB-LIV4F to a ubuntu computer.Thanks,Koon 

kolee by Associate
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Resolved! LIV4F actual VBAT range

What is the actual backup input supply voltage range for Teseo LIV4F receivers? Datasheet says that it is 3-3.63V which is really high and doesn't make sense to add any Lithium battery as a backup supply because it will very quickly drop below 3V at ...

Vane by Associate II
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Teseo Suite activation

Hi, I am trying out EVB-VIC3DA and would like to use Teseo suite with full function. I am sending activation request e-mails to using request forms generated from Teseo Suite, but haven't received any response yet. Could...

ryomatsu by Associate
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LIV4 firmware update with GSV frame error ?

hi everybody,i have some issue with the last update of the firmware for the liv4 4.6.3 : FreeRTOS V10.4.3_ARM , BINIMG_4.6.3_ARM, SWCFG_8606532, GNSSLIB_00000000_ARMactually, i have configure the mode for GPS only constellation and RMC+ GSV frame onl...

Resolved! External antenna for X-NUCLEO-GNSS1A1 or X-NUCLEO-GNSS2A1

Hello!Is external antenna included with X-NUCLEO-GNSS1A1 board (or X-NUCLEO-GNSS2A1) or it should be purchased separately? GNSS expansion board based on Teseo-LIV3F module for STM32 Nucleo Data brief does not mention external antenna, but Getting sta...

aziubin by Associate II
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Teseo-LIV4F fix rate slower than it should be

Hello,I am working with a LIV4F, and I am trying to configure the fix rate at 10hz like so:$PSTMSETPAR,1130,0x00,0$PSTMSETPAR,1303,0.1,0$PSTMSAVEPAR$PSTMSRRThe LIV4F responds with:$$PSTMSETPAROK,1130*30$$PSTMSETPAROK,1303*32$$PSTMSAVEPAROK*5CAll appe...

mf-ff99 by Associate II
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