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Teseo Suite activation

Hi, I am trying out EVB-VIC3DA and would like to use Teseo suite with full function. I am sending activation request e-mails to using request forms generated from Teseo Suite, but haven't received any response yet. Could...

ryomatsu by Associate
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Resolved! Teseo-VIC3DA dead reckoning accuracy

I installed the Teseo-VIC3DA Evaluation Kit to my car and drove for about half an hour. The "sr" field of PSTMDR2 showed "system ready". Then I disconnected the antenna to test the DR mode. The accuracy of the DR seemed not good (the error was around...

Fan1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Teseo-VIC3DA dead reckoning mode

Hi,I bought a Teseo-VIC3DA Evaluation Kit and when I went through the associated documents, they mentioned the concepts of "Teseo-DRAW and Teseo-DRUM". In my application, we do not have access to the vehicle's wheelticks/direction information so I gu...

Fan1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Teseo-LIV4F

Hi Team,          In this module(TESEO-LIV4f) can able to processing the data L5 band(NACIC data and IRNSS)And how to update the firmware  for l5 band(navic and Irnss) and pls give refrence.And any break out board avaliavle for this module(TESEO-LIV4...

Aravind by Associate II
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Resolved! TESEO VIC3DA

Hi,How to know the TESEO VIC3DA module work correctly in designed board ?Thank you very much


Hi team,    I already have this module-Teseo-LIV3F( ) But i need communicat the L5 band NAVIC signal. In this module not supported the L5 NAVIC signal.In this module-Teseo-LIV3F(

Aravind by Associate II
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TESEO-VIC3A No more responding after manual configuration

Hi all,I have been using the TESET-VIC3  to test IMU sensor, I enable SENMSG from message list 0 ($PSTMSETPAR,1228,0x7********) I found that latency is so High when I receive $PSTMSENMSG,30/31 So I chose to disable all GNSS-related msg and keep only ...

Rihdan by Associate
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