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Hi Team,        I this microcontroller power consumption is 240mA.But we need much less than current consumption Specification ETHERNET,SPI,EMI,RTC.Pls give some  Low power consumption recommended IC List.And any Single core ARM CORTEX R Series avail...
Hi team,    I already have this module-Teseo-LIV3F( ) But i need communicat the L5 band NAVIC signal. In this module not supported the L5 NAVIC signal.In this module-Teseo-LIV3F(
Hi Team,          In this module(TESEO-LIV4f) can able to processing the data L5 band(NACIC data and IRNSS)And how to update the firmware  for l5 band(navic and Irnss) and pls give refrence.And any break out board avaliavle for this module(TESEO-LIV4...
Hi team ,     How to configer the firmware update for IRNSS and how to create a binary file.Firmware update which software is using?and any breakout board avaliable (Teseo-LIV4F) Thanks and regards Aravind
hi team,         Any breakout board avaliable for this module(TESEO-LIV4FTR) and sugess the antenna for this module. thanks and regards aravind.s.r
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