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HiI have an STM32F769 Discovery board (STM32F769I-DISCO) with STLink onboard.STLink works fine but if I try to run my STM32 application STLink reports the MCU is not detected:========Target no device foundError in initializing ST-LINK device.Reason: ...
HiI got an STM32MP157C-DK2 during the Embedded World.But Windows7 isn't detecting the DFU ... It detects only the STLink (UART) ....Same issue in a Ubuntu-16 (which is running in VirtualBox on the same Windows 7)Any suggestion?Regards Francesco
HI allJust to let you know the Teseo-LIV3F firmware (Teseo-LIV3FSW) is available online on a look at
Hi allHave a look @'s an easy way to test the connection to the Teseo III server based Assisted GNSS without special equipment and/or tool.
Have a look @ =)
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