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STM32H747I-DISCO Flash Example


"DCMI_SnapshotMode DCMI Snapshot Mode example"

I am a beginner and would appreciate help with the following Readme.txt:

"In order to make the program work, you must do the following :
- Open your preferred toolchain
- For each target configuration (STM32H747I_DISCO_CM7 and STM32H747I_DISCO_CM4) :
- Rebuild all files
- Load images into target memory
- After loading the two images, you have to reset the board in order to boot (Cortex-M7) and CPU2 (Cortex-M4) at once.
- Run the example"

I hope the attached photo indicates that I have completed "Load images into target memory".

How do I complete the remaining steps?


Power cycling the board (remove power, then re-apply power) will cause it to start whatever program you have loaded on there.

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Have I loaded the dual core programs correctly? Please view the photo.

ST Employee

Hello @kevin-gordon and welcome to the Community 🙂,

Besides, the reply shared by @TDK, note that STM32H747I-Disco have many revisions boards. So, which MB1166 Rev.A are you using? A01, A03...?

If you use MB1166 Rev.A03 or A09 please try this fix on GitHub :

You just need to enable the right hardware component as defined in stm32h747i_discovery_conf.h file and add the new component library (NT35510) in your project .

/* IMPORTANT: One of the following flags must be enabled in stm32h747i_discovery_conf.h file */

/* options in order to select the target daughter board revision connected on STM32H747I DISCOVERY : !!!!!!!!!! */

/* USE_LCD_CTRL_OTM8009A */ /* Applicable for all LCD daughter boards (MB1166) except for Rev -A09,-A03 */

/* USE_LCD_CTRL_NT35510 */ /* Applicable only for LCD daughter boards (MB1166) Rev -A09,-A03 */


Thank you.


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