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The 2.14 CubeProgrammer is slower than the 2.8 programming speed


Hi, I was using CubeProgrammer version 2.8 to program the STM32L552 microcontroller, using the ‘STM32_Programmer_CLI’ file. After updating to version 2.14, I have noticed a significantly longer programming time. For example, before the update, it took 1.8 seconds to program approximately 20kB; after the update, it takes over 10 seconds. My programming settings are as follows:
call "%programmer%" -c port=swd freq=1000 -w "%hexfile%" -v

I have tried different SWD frequencies, 3300 and 24000, but no luck. Does anyone else have this issue and know the solution?

I also have one more question - if a verification error occurs, why does STM32_Programmer_CLI return 0 as the exit code? Shouldn’t it be a different value that indicates an error?
Best regards,