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STM32CubeProgrammer 2.14.0 firmware update error over USB in Windows 10 64 bit

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similarly to what happened to others with previous versions of STM32CubeProgrammer, an error occurs when I proceed to download the firmware via USB connection:

Error: Write failed at address: 0x800…. (address is not always the same)
Error: failed to download Segment[0]
Error: failed to download the File

The error in log file is:

libusb control transfer error [-9] : LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE

Even the initial connection via USB does not work correctly, as not all information is always read correctly (The initial connection fails if I use version 2.10.0 of STM32CubeProgrammer).

Similarly to what others have found, everything works correctly if the connection is made through a USB 3.0 hub. Also, everything works fine if I use DfuSeDemo software, so the problem seems to be related to the STM32 BOOTLOADER driver used by STM32CubeProgrammer.

The specs of my system are

microcontroller STM32F072RBT6

firmware version: 0x011a

device id: 0x0448

operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 22H2

USB 3.0

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?






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I cannot offer a solution but I confirm that there is an issue with the bootloader/STM32 Cube Programmer.

My post regarding the same subject was:

I noticed a PC dependent behavior. Using the same boards, on some machines the error always occurs, on others never. As the author of this thread mentioned, it always works with DfuSeDemo.




The ST USB implementation is not particularly tolerant of USB Hubs or Docking Stations, perhaps how the firmware and drivers react to errors, retries or delays in the communication path. 

Always found direct connectivity work best on Win7 boxes.

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Thanks for your reply,

actually, this problem initially occurred in Windows 7, after which it was confirmed by moving to Windows 10


Thanks for your reply and your post,


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I installed the new version 2.15.0 of STM32CubeProgrammer but the error persists. I also noticed that everything works if I use a USB 3.1 gen 2 port with a Type-C connector and a Type-A to Type-C adapter cable.