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STLINKV3_PWR how to Power On target with STMCubeProgrammer ?

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Is there a way to activate "POWER ON"  for programming or debbuging a STM32 with STLINKV3-PWR when using STMCube programmer or STMCube IDE ?


ST Employee

Hello @MJean ,


Thanks for your feedback,

To obtain more information about STLink-V3PWR, I recommend referring to UM3097 and AN5999.



I went through both of the documents and I believe none of them answers the question.

The way I read the question is: How do we activate the SMU to provide voltage on OUT and AUX pins, while using SWD to program a board using STMCubeProgrammer (I'd prefer to use the CLI version).


The UM3097 shows the general specs and showcases the capabilities, but does not explain how to use the tool.

The AN5999 on the other hand shows how to use the various power analysis tools. It may be hidden in one of the IDEs, but there seems to be no indication anywhere in the documentation on how to turn on power during the programming/debugging process.


When developing this is inconvenient, since for programming it seems I have to power the board from external supply or launch an extra tool to initialize it, though it seems that crashing the PowerMonitor app keeps the output enabled (it always crashes for me after power on, but that's another story - I have to investigate more).


I also see a second issue, and that is I can't find a way in the tools to program OUT and AUX different voltages, but from the specs, it seemed those should be really independent power supplies. I'd like to use OUT as 1.8V power and AUX for 3.6 battery-like source.


@Sara BEN HADJ YAHYA, can you check if this usecase is supported in any of the tools and point us to the relevant documentation? Thanks.


Associate II


The best solution would be for STM to simply add a power button on the next version of its tools (CubeProgrammer, CubeIde, CubeMonitor...), it does not seem very complicated since the command exists in the CubeMonitor-Power.

Thanks in advance !