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Stm32H7 Ethernet issue

Associate II


Dose anybody have solution why Ethernet shut down randomly every few days? i'm working on ethernet (UDP/IP) without RTOS in keil, stm32cubeMX some old versions 5.4.0 FW versions 1.5.0 work fine but if i send data continuously for 5-6 days then the ethernet stop working and in newer stm32cubeMX 6.6.0 FW version 1.11.0 even ping doesn't happen.


Latest Cube / HAL ETH drivers are not compatible with your old user code.

Debug and learn what's going on there with ETH peripheral and lwIP... clicking Cube is usually not enough for a working product.


wich Toolchain IDE are yous using now?


I don't know if that question was for me, anyway:

I use CubeMX only for the first project setup with a new STM32, then I never touch that again.

After that, I'm using CubeIDE only, and only for compiling debugging.

But - if I use these at all - I never update HAL drivers that are doing their job.


If your generating code through CubeMX 5.4.0 for CubeIDE then there no need to change linker script.

But if you're generating Code through CubeMX 6.6.0 or above versions then for CubeIDE you have to add Tx and Rx Descriptor addresses code in to the linker script. 

For IAR work bench and Keil MDKARM no need to change linker script.


My linker script... is edited like crazy! :D 

Many section in flash for bootloader and application and their respective firmware info parts.

And RAM is even more segmented - but it works.

i was talking about pinging issue your facing into cubmx 6.6.0 ... its related to Linker script.