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STM32CubeMX doesn't seem to properly support configuring SAI1 on the STM32F722R package.

Associate II

When attempting to configure SAI1 A on an STM32F722R package the only option allowed is "SPDIF TX Transmitter (IEC60958)". I am able to manually set SAI1 A up as a normal I2S port if it its synchronized externally to SAI2 B but CubeMX doesn't appear to recognize that this is a valid configuration. This is misleading since it implies that the F722R is incapable of doing full-duplex I2S with SAI ports, when in fact it seems to be possible with proper external synchronization settings.

Chief II

I can add that I checked STM32F745V and STM32F765V for a similar things. On both SAI1 A is missing "Synchronous Slave" mode. I haven't tried it on hardware, but I don't find any technical reasons for this in documentation.