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MX 5.4.0 Bug: cubemx stuck at copying library files while Generating code

Viraj shah
Associate II

can anyone help me with this problem cubemx is stuck at copying library file while i try to generate code for keil mdk version 5.28 cannot close the window and have to terminate the program using task manager i am using windows 10 system0690X00000ArJc0QAF.png

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Hi @Khouloud ZEMMELI,​ I have the same problem ! i can't fix why cubemx is stucking while copying files for code generation. I'm using Win 10 (64bit) and Java_Runtime_Environment_(64bit)_v8_Update_45. Can you please help understand how to fix it ?

Mary Solomo
Associate II

I'm having the same problem after I downloaded the new version of F24 Repository (V1.25).

Found the issue.

It happened when I copied the project into a new PC where I haven't downloaded (installed) the Middleware I'm using (CMSIS). After installing the Middleware properly, I was able to generate the code.

This is different from the "&" directory name issue mentioned above but the hang up issue is the same.

Yes, that was my problem as well!


Make sure that you don’t have specific signs like « #&% » in the path of your project folder or cubeMx library

I had the same problem because I had a « # » in the path of my folder project. Make sure you have only letters or number in yours different pathes wich are in relation with Cubemx

Associate III

I had the same problem. "Project Location" must be near the Firmware Package folder, and all will be ok)

Yes, Thats Works.


Hi, I had the same problem but nothing from this not help to me. Finally I delete all folders in project folder without *.ioc CubeMX file. Next, I copy all folders of project from old compilation copy and generate code again and This help for me. It looks that CubeMX generate something inside folders of project before and next This data blocking Cube during next time to finish generate proccess. But, I don't know what exacly It was be.


Hi at all,

i solved the problem by not using special characters (&#%$§) in the path folder of the sources.