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Example with STM32H7 + CubeMX + LwIP - FreeRTOS


I would like to know if there is any "easy" way of getting the following setup working:

  • NUCLEO-H723ZG dev board
  • Ethernet
  • LwIP
  • STM32CubeMX project
  • No FreeRTOS
  • Being able to ping the dev board
I've found the following (and can get them running):
As soon as I try to remove FreeRTOS or add STM32CubeMX something breaks.
There was some news that such an example could be provided:
Perhaps there is an update?
Alternatively, what is the easiest way to ping the NUCLEO-H723ZG dev board starting from an STM32CubeMX project? I am interested in creating a small TCP server.

Hello @VVV ,

it seems you are unlucky with your requirements !

Indeed for the NUCLEO-H723ZG you have either 4 examples from STM32Cube_FW_H7 dealing with TCP but without STM32CubeMX support or 2 examples from X-CUBE-AZRTOS-H7 dealing with TCP  and STM32CubeMX support, but using NetXDuo.

I am afraid the ST strategy nowadays is more to emphasize Azure RTOS features than evolving the legacy features like FreeRTOS, LwIP and so on. Therefore it is unlikely your case will be available one day...

Do you have any strong constraint on memory footprint to insist on choosing LwIP ?

Thank you for your reply. There is no constraint on memory footprint, just simplicity. The use-case fits nicely into the classical embedded "while loop" code structure: TCP server listening for requests, on each request read a bunch of sensors do some calculations and return the result. No real need for RTOS.

Prototyping on STM32 because of the high pin counts and many peripherals. I'll keep trying - it should be possible with the right configuration in STM32CubeMX. Failing that, will most likely try Azure RTOS. Or, another option is to add something like a W5500 IC and completely offload the TCP/IP stack.