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I am having an issue with debugging my Linux STM32MP1 Discovery board.

Associate III

I am able to build my STM32MP1 Linux project. Below you can see what is built:

I have been trying to follow the guide on the STM32 wiki here:

The issue is that there is information that is completely missing from the getting started guide is that when I try to do this step: Run As->STM32 Cortex-A Linux Deployment I get the following screen. Right away this is different from the guide and has an error message that says: Connection "" not available at the top.

Other guides on the wiki mention that the Target Status should be online. Mine is stuck offline and I don't see any indication on how to set that up either.

I currently have 3 USB connections to the STM32MP1 Discovery board. One USB C to a power supply, One USB C, and a micro USB to my PC.

ST Employee

Hi @VWied.1​ ,

I noticed your same problematics is being addressed in another post :

Please avoid duplicate question at different place.


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