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STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1 was released on as well as an in-tool update patch aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.11.1 that is available for download. Main issues fixed in this patch: Ticket 177978 : Fixed an issue with ST-LINK firmware upgrade concerning th...

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.0 was released today on as well as an in-tool update patch. What is new in 1.15.0? Microcontroller and board lists aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.11.0 : STM32U0, STM32H7Rx/STM32H7Sx and STM32H523/STM32H533Added the support for t...

Resolved! The stm32cubeide v1.1.0 hasn't load image option on macos

Hi supporter,I use STM32Cube v1.10 on macos(Mojave) and linux(debian 9). The debug dialog has load mode option to choose production or engineering mode in stm32cubeide on linux system. But that dialog hasn't the load mode on macos.Below picture is de...

SChen.11 by Associate III
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How can i enable SPI5 on STM32MP157-DK1

Hi,Im working with STM32MP157A-DK1 board. Im working on the linux side, need to write C/C++ code for saving data into a SD card. I need to use SPI to get data from RF transceiver. I built linux and kernel as in this link:

MÇerçi by Associate III
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STM32MP157C-DK2 M4 debugging issues.

Hi, I have 10 DK2's in a server rack for development and testing. STM32CubeIDE (1.5.0) debugging wants me to specify a serial port and an IP address for debugging. This is IMHO redundant, why? Moreover, the serial ports /dev/ttyACM* are to be selecte...

KnarfB by Principal III
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Resolved! STM32CubeIDE M4 debugging timed out on custom image.

I have a custom built buildroot image on my STM32MP157C-DK2. Used STM32CubeIDE 1.5.0 to create a M4 blinky project. Can download and run the .elf manually on the board, LED blinks okay. Engineering Mode works too. In Production Mode, I can download t...

KnarfB by Principal III
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Resolved! Cube IDE debug doesn't work on stm32mp157a-DK1

Hi,I'm having an issue while trying to debug the OpenAMP_TTY_ECHO_CM4 example described in gettin' started guide for stm32mp157a-DK1 (here link) using Cude IDE 1.4.2 on windows 10 machine. I configure the debug session as describe in the guide sectio...

MBassi by Associate III
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Resolved! Cannot open 'console on MPU serial device'

I'm following the tutorials on the wiki about developing for the cortex-m4 on the DK2 kit. I'm facing trouble when I need to connect to the serial console, see image:The chars shown on the error message are random. Things already tried:Update ST-link...

allard by Senior
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