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Stm32CubeIDE: Debugging without Programming/Flashing when connecting?


because I use the Flash-EEPROM-Emulation (eeprom_emul) I need to connect to the microcontroller with the debugger without programming it.

Where do I find the debugger-settings to connect to the target without flashing it, using the STM32CubeIDE and the StLink V3?

Thanks a lot, Best Regards, Seppel

Principal III

Hi Seppel,

Debug Configurations > Startup > Load Image and Symbols

Edit the entry, set Download to false.

You can still load the symbols and debug, but must take care yourself that the correct binary is in the flash.




many thanks for the reply, it's a little hidden, I'll add a screenshot here for completeness,... and I can re-read it myself id I forget 😉 .

Best regards, Seppel


hi , i  have unticked the download option and debugged the program but Live Expressions not updating data's  with download option enable -  program flash down load + debug = Live Expression Data's working . what is the exact way to achieve Program flash download ( once )  and then

No Program flash down load + debug = Live Expression data's  ( this just for hardware reset or some dip setting outside or other hardware inputting )